We feel that a wedding video should truly reflect all that goes on, on your special day. Every moment, situation and every gesture is important, which is why we are attentive, capturing every detail. We won´t create fake or artificial situations that interrupt the natural flow or privacy of the moment.

Our priority is the recording, capturing the emotion of every instant with focus on being selective and with attention to detail.

Later during the edition process we give shape and colour to those moments to achieve an aesthetically pleasing, entertaining video.

We think it is important to meet you personally and discuss all that you wish to portrait on your day. Each wedding is different and it is necessary to know the planning in advance, so this, combined with our experience and common sense, enable us to do a good job. Yes, common sense with experience so that nothing is missed out, without intruding, perceiving what is coming next to produce something that is pleasing to you.